Biologische Medjoul Dadels 500 g




Biologische Medjoul Dadels 500 g

We zijn erg blij dat we deze unieke biologische Medjoul Dadels uit Israël in ons assortiment hebben. Puur en een superkwaliteit. Met veel zorg zijn deze verse biologische Medjoul dadels geplukt en gedroogd. Ze zijn zo mooi vlezig en smelten op je tong: smaaksensatie! Meer informatie over de Medjoul dadels vind je in dit artikel.

De producent verbouwt al ruim 30 jaar dadels in Israël. Lees alles over de producent en het assortiment op

The Medjool dates are nowadays the most popular date variety in the world. Although it is considered as one of the youngest variety age-wise, the unique characters that it has, make the Medjool the most lucrative and sought for date in the worlds’ market.

The Medjool is a very big date, sometimes double than the most common dates and up to 30grams each. Yet, it has a very nice and attractive appearance, very sweet taste, soft flesh which at a time can also be chewy depends on the moisture. The color range from light brown/ amber to dark brown depends on the area of growing. This date it perfect as dessert as well as for baking and cooking. The nutritional values make the Medjool the perfect treat for all those who need a lot of energy during all kind of sports activities. The Medjool is available year round!

Naast de grote Medjoul dadels verkopen we ook gewelde gedroogde biologische Deglet Nour dadels uit Tunesië en Algerije.


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